Misting System

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    sin57bm Пользователь BlackBerry

    Модель BlackBerry:
    EO-series Nylon pipe connector
    Material : Brass-Nickel plated with NBR O-ring
    Available pipe : 3/8鈥?/p>
    Available thread for nozzle : 10/24鈥?/p>
    Slip lock connector
    Installation guide
    Step 1
    Cut the length of the pipe you need
    Make sure that the pipe cut section is flat
    Use sharpener to make a 1~2mm chamfer in order to prevent the o-ring damage when insert the pipe.
    Step 2
    Insert the pipe into slip lock connector straightly until the end (make sure the pipe pass through the inner o-ring).
    Try to pull back the pipe to make sure the connection complete.Misting System
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